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Advanced Radiology

CHI St. Alexius Health Devils Lake Hospital's Radiology Department offers advanced imaging services to diagnose everything from osteoporosis to heart disease. The mission of the technologist is to provide competent, courteous, and compassionate services of the highest quality. Whatever your need, our team of skilled and credentialed technologists will help you through the process.

We pride ourselves on working as a team. We are there for you, answering any questions you may have about the test and explaining how the procedure is done.

The department is supported by an onsite radiologist and a large team of offsite radiologists. We have radiologist coverage 24/7. In addition, we have access to radiologists specializing in areas of MRI and CT that are available for difficult cases. In most instances, emergent reports are back within the hour and all other reports within 24 hours.

Health care is a complex environment, yet the focus at CHI St. Alexius Health Devils Lake Hospital is simple. Provide customer service through individualized patient care.

Schedule an Appointment
We provide services for many area providers. An exam ordered by your physician may be done at CHI St. Alexius Health Devils Lake Hospital. Ask that the ordering practitioner call and fax the order to our scheduling staff. Or you can hand carry an order to our Radiology Department.

Radiology staff will consult with the facility the order came from and find out the protocol that is to be followed. We can assure you the same quality of exam found in any larger hospital.

We have staff at the Radiology desk that can answer insurance questions and give you an estimation of out of pocket costs. They will also contact your physician to get insurance authorization for the test.

Our scheduling phone number is a direct line at 701-662-9733.


  • MRI
    • Spine, Orthopedic, Brain, Abdominal
  • Ultrasound Imaging
    • OB/GYN including 3D and 4D, Abdominal, Small Parts
  • CT
    • Abdomen/Pelvis, Brain, Spine, Chest, Facial Bones, Extremities
  • Cardiac Imaging
    • Nuclear Medicine Stress, Echo
  • Bone Health
    • Nuclear Medicine Bone Scans
  • Vascular Imaging
    • MRA, CTA, Carotid, Venous Ultrasound and PADNET studies
  • General Diagnostic Imaging
    • Radiographic, Fluoro
  • Nuclear Medicine
    • Hida Scans

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., for scheduled exams.
Staff members are available evenings, weekends and on-call after midnight for emergency services.

Contact Us
Scheduling Desk 701-662-9733
Radiology Manager 701-662-9620