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Baby's Name
Birth Date
September 16
September 16
Leanne and Steven
September 16
Kristin and Matt
September 15
Shamera and Nathan
September 15
Shadilyn and Alex
September 15
Vanessa and Brandon
September 11
Tara and Scott
September 11
Jordan and Clint
September 11
Stephanie and Tim
September 9
Nicole and Russell
September 6
Roberta and Jarrett
September 5
Rayeisha and Patrick
September 4
Taneka and Cody
August 18
Rebecca and Dusty
August 16
Dusty and Lorena
August 16
Jessica and Joseph
August 14
Melissa and Chad
August 13
August 11
Jayden and Michael
August 10
Brittany and Arren
August 6
Alyssa and Robert
August 2
Jessica and Byron
July 31
Shirissa and Patrick
July 29
Jade and Jordan
July 27
Halie and Scott
July 25
Emily and Jordan
July 25
July 25
Hope and Michael
July 20
Emberly and Zachary